Corpus Callosum

2015 South Florida Knight Arts Challenge Winner.

Corpus Callosum generates collaborative projects that spark inter-hemispheric dialogue between the left side and right side of our brains. We explore the infinite combinations of art and science, and then present our findings in compelling and informative ways.

  • Jonathan D. Kane


    Jonathan David Kane combines light and sound to convey narrative. Over the past decade he has contributed to numerous fiction, documentary, and experimental films, as well as the creation of video projection content for multidisciplinary live performances.

  • Alexandra Kuechenberg


    Alexandra Kuechenberg is an interdisciplinary artist, producer, and creative technologist, collaboratively developing innovations in responsive media and experience design. She holds a terminal degree from NYU’s Interactive Technology Program, and uses light as a jump rope.

  • Jorge Perez-Gallego


    Dr. Jorge Perez-Gallego has squeezed terminal degrees in the sciences and the arts out of his right and left brain, and is now trying to have them talk to each other. He is a multifaceted astrophysicist, designer, educator, and chocolate junkie. He bikes to work, and works to bike.

  • On a High Note: An Exploration of Music and the Human Mind

    High Note

    Presented by New World Symphony and Frost Science
    with support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

    To creatively bridge art and science, New World Symphony and Frost Science have partnered with Corpus Callosum to explore the creation of a new form of audience experience that combines classical music performances with advancements in neuroscience. The ultimate goal is to produce an entertaining and educational holistic experience that presents a deeper understanding of how our brains work, and exposes new audiences to the significance of complex music by means of an immersive, synesthetic and alternative concert viewing format applicable to multi-surface projection spaces and a full dome environment. During the development phase of the project, the team, with help from community partners, will curate a series of engaging happenings around their research, including roundtables, panels, and lectures.

    Given the innovative nature of our effort, we have been working on the research and development aspect of it ever since. For that, we partnered with Kim Grinfeder, Director for the Interactive Media Program at the University of Miami’s School of Communication. The partnership materialized into a course in which a team of multitalented graduate students with different and valuable backgrounds developed a proof of concept. They documented their work here.